WAIGF Communiqué 2010

Wednesday 8 September 2010


Dakar, Senegal.

“Promoting the Multi-stakeholder Model for further Internet Development in Africa”

We, the participants at the West African Internet Governance Forum held at the Pullman Teranga Hotel, in Dakar, Senegal, from the 23rd to 25th of August, 2010, organized by the WAIGF Consortium and the Government of Senegal;

  • Recalling that good Internet governance is critical for sustainable ICT development, and for wider social-economical development;
  • Recalling that the global Internet Governance Forum (IGF) offers a platform to dialog on global issues related to Internet development such as Access, Security, Critical Internet Resources and Openness.
  • Recalling with satisfaction, that Africa is making huge strides in Internet and ICT development; Convinced of the need to continue efforts to increase Africa’s engagement with the global dialog on Internet governance;

Recommend the following:

Access and Diversity

  1. Jointly seek affordable broadband (including mobile broadband) access and efficient mobile network coverage across West Africa
    Support the creation and sustenance of relevant content that is useful, affordable, accessible and adapted to the needs and context of West Africa.
    Encourage and enable more civil society participation in the growth of the internet in West Africa.
  2. These could be achieved through the following:
    a. appropriate education, training and research
    b. Setup of sub regional data centers to host regional applications and services
    c. Adoption of open standard d. Support for the creation of a developers’ community/network

Internet Governance for Development:

  1. Ensure the intellectual property protection of domain names and identity that pertains to the sub region
  2. Engage nationally, regionally and internationally by advocating for the abolition of IP address blocking and censorship.
  3. Increased ownership and involvement by national and regional governments and economic commission at relevant global fora.

Privacy and security, openness:

  1. Enhance multistakeholder participation in the ongoing draft policy processes on cyber security.
  2. Develop policies and standards for personal and sensitive data protection and ensure their domestication in countries for the protection and increased confidence of citizens
  3. Seek to improve Africa’s online image in global fora.

Managing Critical Internet Resources:

  1. Strong regional cooperation among member states in the region and at a regional level, working with key and strategic regional, national and continental partners, including ISPs and IXPs
  2. Develop policies, program and best practices among member states to support the shared, sustainable and maximal use of regional resources such as data centers

We also call for greater participation of all stakeholders in Africa

We urge governments to send, delegate and support participation in the Global IGF and consequently in the West African and national forums.


  1. The Government and people of the Republic of Senegal for their warm hospitality.
  2. OSIWA, ICANN, ISOC-Senegal, ECOWAS, PANOS, APC, IISD, AfriNIC, FOSSFA, ARTP and Sonatel for their support
  3. Participants, physical and remote for attending, and governments for sending delegations to this very important meeting.

Dakar, Senegal, August 25, 2010

Download the Communique in PDF below.