Bid to host the 5th West Africa Internet Governance Forum is now CLOSED

Tuesday 1 November 2011

Who can submit a proposal? What are the criteria?

  • Be a country within the West Africa Region
  • The Government/ government agency be the focal point.
  • Have a National IGF Process in place
  • Have at least 3 national partners(list their names and contacts)
  • List what the host country ,will offer to ensure a successful Forum

When will I know the result?

15th January 2012

Can one country host WAIGF twice?

So far, WAIGF has been hosted in:

  • Anglophone West Africa
    • Ghana (twice)
    • Nigeria (once)
  • Francophone West Africa
    • Senegal

All countries within the region have equal chances to bid. Two countries can join forces and host as well.

When exactly is 5th WAIGF ?

Most preferably, before the Global IGF (November 2012), but the hosting country will give us the exact date.

When is the last date for sending your bid?

31st December 2011.