Sierra Leone

Report on sierra leone internet governance forum

Monday 13 December 2010

REPORT ON SIERRA LEONE INTERNET GOVERNANCE FORUM (SL-IGF 2010) FACE –TO – FACE WORKSHOP WITH THE THEME ‘DEVELOPING THE FUTURE OF SIERRA LEONE INTERNET TOGETHER’ COMMENCEMENT The workshop was called to order by Mr. Brima Sowa at 10:00 am on the 23rd November, 2010. In a brief statement, Mr. Brima Sowa welcomed and thanked all stakeholders who responded positively to the call of Sierra eRiders SL, an indigenous non – governmental organization in promoting the development of ICT and Open Source (...)

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Internet Govenance in Sierra Leone

Saturday 4 September 2010

BY: Sahr F. Gborie COUNTRY: Sierra Leone situated along the West Coast of Africa. Has a population of about Six million people. SIERRA LEONE DECADE LONG WAR As Sierra Leone recovers from a decade long war that officially ended in 2001, the country has been left with a huge rebuilding task and numerous—challenges. THE VISION 2025 The Government. adopted a prudent course of action while it prepared a national vision for long-term development. On March 15th 2001 the vision 2025 project was (...)

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