The 2010 Internet Governance Forum in Côte d’Ivoire

Friday 2 December 2011

The first edition of the Internet Governance Forum in Côte d’Ivoire was hosted by ATCI in partnership with IGICI from 7th to 9th of July 2010 in order to conduct discussions for the development of the Internet in Côte d’Ivoire

In addition to be a platform for information on the main theme, the forum was to initiate discussions and gather recommendations for a better management and use of the Internet.

One of the outcomes of this event was the adoption of a strategic plan that was presented to the press at the end of the meeting by Mr. DJEKOU Abraham, President of IGICI. This document was articulated around the following five points :

  • ICT development policy
  • accessibility and diversity,
  • cyber security,
  • capacity building
  • critical Internet resources

About accessibility and diversity, forum participants recommended elaboration and implementation of a national strategy of development of online public services (e-Administration), promoting the development of digital economy with particular emphasis on Electronic Commerce (eCommerce), taking into account the specific needs of disabled and disadvantaged people, promoting development and hosting of local content in the Ivory Coast, the definition and implementation of a national policy to facilitate the acquisition of computers and Internet access by households and individuals at a low cost;

Many resolutions have been taken, these include the creation of a national agency for network and information systems security and the establishment of a legislative and regulatory framework, consistent with relevant international conventions;

Note that the opening of the forum was attended by several officials including the minister, Mr. Houga Gohoré-BI.

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